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"Technology. It's a team effort. Who's your technology partner?"

CIO Managements Services

Risk. Liability. Problems. Three words top executives don’t want to hear. Yet the very nature of technology is a minefield of disasters waiting to happen. Toss in the word “change” and you’ve now created many sleepless nights for Business Owners and Managers.

Just as you rely on your legal firm and your accounting firm, CCR is your technology firm helping to mitigate risk, limit liability and manage change...translating your vision into reality. This strategy allows our clients to acquire CIO talent & experience at a fraction of the cost.

CIO Management Consulting Services

  • Network and Technology Assessments
  • Security Evaluations
  • Quarterly Management Reviews
  • Strategic & Long Range Planning
  • Budgeting & Asset Lifecycle Management Strategies
  • Business Continuation Strategies
  • Project Implementation & Management
  • Enterprise-wide Best Practices, Policies & Procedures
  • Unified Technology Strategies

CCRTechnologyPartners can also provide a second opinion to proposed solutions from internal and external sources.

Technology. It's a team effort. Who's your technology partner


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